Monday, June 2, 2008

The WC Spring Swap!

I belong to a cooking message board, and there was recently an anonymous "Spring Swap." Mine arrived today, and I was SO excited!

First of all, it took like a year to open it. Whoever made that box doesn't mess around! I still have NO idea how it SHOULD have been opened; I ended up just tearing through it with my big scissors. :)

I was blown away when I opened it - looked how beautifully packaged everything is!

There was an awesome microplane that I already used tonight for my lemons; wow, that baby is so much easier than the narrow one I already own! I think I can retire that guy; there's a new Sheriff Zester in town!

Danielle also sent a really cool Rachael Ray combination dishtowel and potholder, which is awesome because I almost bought the exact same thing and then regretted not getting it.

In addition, she packed a bottle of Rhode Island Red - a bottle from RI's Sakonnet Vineyard. She recommends the vino with some burgers, so I am totally waiting for a barbecue to crack this baby open.

Oh, and perhaps the best part?? Chocolate covered Oreos, pretzel rods, and coffee spoons. Does this girl know me or WHAT!

Danielle, I so totally appreciate the effort and thought you put into this package. It is so perfect, and I love everything. Thank you SO MUCH!

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