Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My first "piping" experience

Since I used boxed funfetti cupcakes and its coordinating canned icing (I know, scandalous!), there is no recipe in this post.

However, this was the very first time I tried piping rather than slapping the frosting on with a spatula. I dumped the frosting into a ziploc and clipped the corner, and poof!

Although, note to self: 1 can would be fine when you do the spatula method, but when piping? Spring for the extra can. My little masterpieces got smaller and smaller as I went through the tin!


  1. I LOVE funfetti cupcakes! They look great - I need to try piping the next time I make cupcakes!

  2. These look beauteous (yes, my own word). I agree with needing more frosting when you are piping it too!

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  4. If you whip the icing for about 5 minutes in a stand mixer you can ice all of the cupcakes with just one can!


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