Sunday, April 13, 2008

My sous chef!

My sweet Ryan, currently 17 months, has millions of toys. Seriously. You should see my living room. Looks like Toys R Us threw up.

So he has all these options, and what he choose to play with? He LOVES to go into my utensil drawer and pull out the same three things: a wooden spoon, a teaspoon measuring spoon, and a half teaspoon spoon. That's it. He walks around the house holding those things and tries to feed you his imaginary food.

He also loves to "help" me cook by dumping stuff in whenever I let him. I think we're looking at the next Emeril, people...


  1. He is too cute!! And what a little helper he will be one day in the kitchen.

  2. quick, get that kid some golf clubs in a hurry ! :o)


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