Monday, August 11, 2008

Restaurant Review: Sophie's Bistro

I have decided to incorporate some restaurant experiences into my food blog, although that means embarassing my husband when I whip out my camera in the middle of dinner... (Oh, and I am "prohibited" from taking any pictures of HIS food. Ha!)

Yesterday was our fifth anniversary!! To celebrate, we went to Sophie's Bistro, a little French place near us.

A little back story: last July, we went on a cruise with my family. There was a French restaurant on the ship, but we were never able to get reservations in time. For our anniversary last year, my brother got us a gift certificate to Sophie's to try to compensate for not going on the cruise.

So... we went last night to celebrate 5 years of marriage!

For an appetizer, I ordered Onion Soup, which was delicious. Creamier than any version I've ever had, but very good.

Dinner was Coq au Vin, which had such a flavorful slow-cooked feel... awesome comfort food. It also reminded me of my grandmother's chicken soup, which of course added to the warm fuzzy feeling I had while eating.

We were very full after eating, but couldn't pass up dessert, so we ordered the Chocolate Sophie to go. I am waiting until Pat is around to share it, so I haven't tasted it yet, but come ON. How amazing does this look?! I cannot WAIT to dive into this.

For kicks, here are all of our past anniversaries!

1 Year - Las Vegas

2 Years - New York City

3 Years - Boston (Yes, I was a taaaad pregnant...)

4 Years - New York City

5 Years - New Jersey


  1. Hi Lauren! I live right near here so I think I'll check it out, thanks for the review and pics.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Looks like you had a great meal. I love all the past anniversary pics too, very cute :)

  3. Happy anniversary!
    Thanks for the review; we're always on the lookout for good restaurants around here!


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