Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pampered Chef

My good friend Brooke recently became a Pampered Chef consultant, and I couldn't wait to host a show to help her out.

She mentioned that hosts get free stuff, and I expected to score a free spatula or something.

What I didn't count on was all the perks!!  I only had 6 people at my show, yet earned enough to pay $48 for what you see below:

The stuff you see pictured should have cost me $181.50.  I got almost $150 FREE!  I feel like I'm posting an info-mercial.  But wait!  Call now and we'll QUADRUPLE your order!

When you host a show, you get credit (sort of like a "commission") for what your guests buy.  Plus, depending on the amount sold, you get percentages off.  For example, I was able to get 50% off of the 2 most expensive items on my order - and 20% off of everything else.

It was awesome to stock my kitchen while helping my friend at the same time.  Plus, it was a great time with my family and friends (and Brooke demo'd the most DELICIOUS pizza ever, and I made it myself almost immediately - blog post to follow).

If you are in the NJ area and would like to host a show with Brooke, go to her website.

If you are NOT local, you can still visit her site to purchase products or to host a catalog show.

I haven't used all of my stuff yet, but what I have used is awesome - especially the bar pan.  It's what I used to make the pizza and it was fantastic.  I definitely want to buy some more of their stoneware.  The mocha-hazelnut sprinkle has also made my morning English muffin much yummier.

(Oh, I also got credit for people booking shows while at my show - so I can't wait to attend theirs and buy more stuff!)

So check it out - your kitchen will thank you!

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  1. I'm a Pampered Chef fan. We recently got a double burner griddle as a wedding gift, and it's basically changed our lives. That may be a little dramatic, but it certainly is amazing.


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